Personal Prince~リク・エストラム編~

A new label, Oishiigohan (lit. “yummy rice/meal”) has announced their first CD (presumably part of a series)!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

Rick Strum, the seventh prince of the kingdom of Estram, was born to a concubine, and was considered to be weak in both magic and swordsmanship.

In the kingdom of Estram, where “strength is justice,” Rick felt as if his value to society was limited. Shunned by the other royals, the seventh prince decided to escape his daily routine of suffering by leaving the kingdom of Estram.

Concealing his identity and birthright, Rick hid himself in the country of Donellia while working as the proprietor of a miscellaneous goods store.

Introverted and shy, Rick feared relationships with others, and was dominated by pessimism.

You knew you felt a wall between you and Rick when you first met.

Moreover, since Rick had never become close to another person before, he soon developed an increasingly intense fixation with you as you two became closer…


佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo)

Release Date:

August 2019.

Original Synopsis (Source)

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