Shiny Rain

Chocolat Blanc has announced a new CD in the works!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

One day, your boyfriend of 3 years, who is also your boss at work, suddenly dumps you.

Completely shocked, and at a loss for what to do next, you decide to leave work early that day.

As you’re waiting for the train to go home, you start to feel ill and unsteady on your feet.

Just as an oncoming train approaches, you feel yourself almost falling off the platform.

But right as you begin to tip over—someone pulls your hand abruptly and stabilizes you.

The person in question is a man by the name of 水上優情 (Mizukami Yuusei), a student aiming to be a psychologist.

Afterwards, you begin to open up to Yuusei about your unfortunate state. And as you do, a mysterious feeling starts to blossom in your heart…

About Yuusei

A graduate student studying to become a psychologist. The same age as you (23). Kind, attractive, and blessed with a killer smile, Yuusei is popular without being aware of his popularity himself. Is talented at moving the hearts of others, and making other people open up. However, when it comes to his own affairs, he’s awkward. Ever since realizing that fact, Yuusei tends to not speak about himself much. Because of that, Yuusei has earned the misunderstood reputation of a koakuma* type. Extremely kind at heart, and has trouble refusing anyone who asks him for help.

*Lit. “little devil” (essentially a teasing, mischievous, slightly ill-willed type).


冬ノ熊肉 (Kumagai Kentarou)

Release Date:

July 3rd, 2019.

Original Synopsis (Source)

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