Advanced Sinning™, a guide to shopping on DLsite JP

After 8 million years of waiting, Dauri’s here to finally enable you into purchasing items from DLsite JP, just in case you haven’t been spending enough money on “legit” drama CDs already. 😇

⚠️ Disclaimer

I’m a registered affiliate for DLsite JP, so purchases you make via the links to DLsite JP on this page will go towards supporting this blog, feeding my questionable DLsite doujin CD addiction, and to me. Thank you in advance, dear reader! 🙇🏻‍♀️❤️

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TL;DR Incoming, So…

Bring me to the guide, Dauri! (Skip the TL;DR and take me right to the guide)

Wait, Dauri. Isn’t there already an English portal for DLsite? Why are you making a guide for the JP portal?

While I do appreciate the fact that DLsite has an English portal (NSFW warning), there’s a couple less than ideal things, with the three biggest dealbreakers being the following:

  • New releases take a few days to show up in DLsite Eng (because someone has to translate those descriptions first 🙃)
  • DLsite JP has a section dedicated to digital versions of “official” drama CDs, like Reverse or Hyouhen Kareshi. These digital versions also sometimes have DLsite JP/digital edition exclusive short stories and/or tokutens. This section is unavailable on DLsite Eng.
  • A select few doujin items are unavailable on DLsite Eng (tbh it’s like the difference between e.g. 1272 and 1167, so it’s not terrible.)
Look at all those new drama CDs… 👀 (The “official” drama CD portal on DLsite JP)

If those three reasons are enough for you to want to join the DLsite JP bandwagon, then follow me to the dark side.

…In which Dauri shows you a whole new world (to DLsite JP)

The good thing about DLsite JP is that if you have experience using DLsite Eng, things are located in about the same places.

However, you can’t use your DLsite Eng account for DLsite JP if you have one already. But no worries! It’s pretty easy to get set up with a JP one.

Setting up a DLsite JP account

First, either click the link in the tiniest right-hand corner on the DLsite JP Girls Page as indicated in the image below, or go to this link.

See that tiny orange link up there in the top right-hand corner? We want that. 🤷🏻‍♀️

When you land on the registration page, you’ll see that you have several other services you can use to register an account, if you don’t want to register via email. For the purposes of this guide, I’ll be registering for a new account using an email address, which is the method on the right.

You have options. 😉

In the field above the blue button, input your email address. You’ll receive a confirmation screen like the following.

Check your inbox afterwards. You should see an email that looks something like the following.

Click on the blue button 「ユーザー登録:情報入力ページへ」/ “Member registration: information input page” in the email to proceed with the rest of the registration process.

After clicking the link/button, you’ll be brought to the following screen, where you’ll be asked to create a password, and give them your birthday. (They send you a coupon on your birthday, iirc.)

Once you’ve filled in all the fields, press the blue button that says 「登録する」to finalize this part of registration.

After you’ve clicked that blue button, you should land on a screen that is similar to the image above. The only option to tick here that’s of any importance is whether or not you want coupon email notifications. I’ve left that notification on.

Once you click on the green button at the bottom of the page, you should be at the end of registration! DLsite JP also gives you a 300 yen coupon upon completing registration, so spend it all in one place!

Navigating DLsite JP

Congrats! You’re all set, and can now log in with the email address and password you used during registration.

Need help with something specific?

Shopping is pretty straightforward, even though all the clutter might make it seem intimidating at first glance.

If you’re looking for a specific item on DLsite JP, use the search bar at the top. If you’re just browsing, I’d recommend taking a look at recent releases and the 24 hour ranking, if you’re interested in what everyone else is having. 😉

The search bar. You’ll need to punch in the Japanese name of the item if you have it.
And to our right, the 24-hour popularity ranking. Seems like Oji-sans are in atm. 🙃
It’s also worth noting that DLsite will tell you when items in your shopping cart 「カート」 or wishlist 「お気に入り」are on sale with this red notification. They’re great enablers. Just like me.

Once you’ve found an item to your liking, put it in your shopping cart with the big yellow button that says 「カートに入れる」and click on the cart icon at the top of the page. The rest of the shopping flow should follow the screens below.

After you’ve put the item in your cart, you’ll also be prompted to go immediately to your cart with another big yellow button.
Once you’re at your cart, make sure the item you want to pay for is checked on the left, under 「購入」(“purchase”). If you want to use points towards your purchase, select one of the options in the 「ポイント利用」area. The first option allows you to select only a portion of your points to use, the second option uses all of your points, and the third option (the default) is not to use any points towards your purchase at all.
Click on the first button to the right to pay via credit card.
The confirmation screen. Once you click that 「購入を確定する」button, your payment will be processed.
Success! You can now stream your purchase via DLsite Play (the left blue button), or download your purchase (the right purple button).
Credit Card Registration

If it’s your first time shopping on DLsite JP, you’ll be asked to input your credit card information when you click that「購入を確定する」button on the purchase confirmation screen.

You’ll come across a screen like this. From top to bottom, the fields are: credit card number, expiration date, name of cardholder, and security code for your credit card.
After inputting your credit card information and clicking the 「次へ」(“next”) button, you’ll see this screen. Click on 「注文確定」(“confirm order”) to confirm your order.
If you need to edit your credit card information, you can do so by going to the 「登録情報確認・変更」(“Registered information confirmation/change”) page of your my page. Click on the green 「カード情報の登録・編集」(“Credit card information registration/edit”) button to make changes.
Using Coupons

DLsite does not skimp out on giving coupons to its users from time to time, esp. to encourage them to drop ridiculous amounts of money on the CDs just sitting in their carts. It’s a mixed blessing, honestly. But when (not if) you receive a coupon, you’ll get an email for it and also see the following notification on your homepage.

The tiny coupon indicator will also tell you how many coupons you have at the moment.

When you click on that small indicator, you’ll be brought to your coupons page, where you’ll see a page with coupons like the following:

50% off… a drama CD… 💸

Besides the date listed next to 有効期間 (valid period), which is the coupon’s expiry date, you probably want to take a look at what the coupon is valid for, which could be categories like the following:

Example Categories
  • 乙女向け同人 (Otome Doujin)
  • BL同人 (BL Doujin)
  • 乙女向けドラマCD (Otome Drama CDs)
  • BLドラマCD (BL Drama CDs)
  • 音声作品 (CDs/Voice Works, in general)
  • 漫画 (Manga)
  • ゲーム (Games)

When you’d like to use a coupon, head over to your shopping cart. If you have any coupons that can be applied to items in your cart, a green button that states 「クーポンを確認する」(“confirm available coupons”) on the right, above the ‘pay by credit card’ button, and a button that states 「利用可能なクーポンを選択する」(“select an applicable coupon”) will appear below the ‘use points’ section.

If there are any applicable coupons you can use towards items in your shopping cart, you’ll see a green button above the payment option buttons on your shopping cart screen.
A button will also appear in the points usage section.
Once you click either one of the green buttons, you’ll see a list of your available coupons. Select one to use by clicking the green 「このクーポンを利用する」(“use this coupon”) button.
Once the coupon is applied, you’ll see the button change from green to red. You can close this modal now.
If the coupon has been applied, you’ll see some text above the green button stating that you’ve received a discount. You’ll also see the specific amount deducted on the purchase confirmation screen.
Points & Point History

DLsite provides a variety of ways for users to earn points to use towards their purchases. Since 1 pt = 1 yen, they can tally up for a good discount. Purchasing works off DLsite JP will give you points off the bat, and you can see the amount you’ll get on the product page itself, or when you’re about to checkout. Points do have an expiry date, but since the expiration date is usually 1+ year out from when you first received the points, you can keep them for a while if you can even manage to restrain yourself from purchasing everything in sight in the first place.

Generally speaking, the more expensive the item is, the more points you’ll get. Think of it as a sinful cashback program, of sorts.

The amount next to 「ポイント」is the amount of points you’ll get after purchasing.
The amount under 「取得可能ポイント」tells you how many points you’ll receive for the items you’re purchasing in your cart.
If you want to view your point history (to see how you got to the amount you are now), you can click on the 「ポイント照会・歴史」(“point reference/history”) option on your my page.
Rating Items (for Points)

In addition to getting points just for purchasing things, you’ll also get points if you take a moment to rate your purchases, which you can do on your 「マイ評価」(My Ratings) page.

Pro-tip: Rate early! Rating purchases earlier (e.g. right after they release) will yield more points than if you wait to rate it a few weeks after the work was released, and already has ratings.

Rating that pink-haired incubus on the left gave me 50 points. I’ll probably spend it on another incubus-related purchase. (They’re really popular on DLsite, k?) 🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s worth noting that you can also get up to 150 points per purchase for writing reviews… if you can do so in Japanese, and also abide by their guidelines at the same time. (Worth trying if you want to flex those 日本語 skills!)

I believe this “rating purchases for points” mechanism works the same way in DLsite Eng, so if you’re familiar with the system there, this is the same deal.

The Daily Plant Draw

You might be wondering, what’s this plant doing here in the corner of the screen?

Poke it, and who knows? You might get lucky. 🌱

Turns out it’s a cute way to get anywhere from 1-100 free points if you poke it on the daily. Give it a try!

Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks
DLsite Play

If you don’t want to download your purchases to your computer’s hard drive, DLsite has a cloud player of its own that you can use to access your purchases. If you have CDs or manga purchased from DLsite, you can listen to or read those works directly from DLsite Play’s portal.

You can access DLsite Play by clicking the 「購入済作品」(“Purchased items”) book icon at the top of the page.
Updating your purchases

DLsite creators sometimes update their works with extras after publishing. For example, Dusk (our notorious Makino and Co.-centric drama CD label), often gives owners of their CDs extra short stories when their CDs hit certain DLsite download milestones. You can verify if one of your purchases has been updated by visiting the 「バージョンアップ情報」(“Updated version information”) page of your マイページ (my page).

The “updated version information” screen. We’re not going to talk about the purchases that are greyed out in this screenshot. 🙃

That’s it for the guide! Have fun tossing money at DLsite JP!

❤️ Dauri

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