Quick Update

👋 Hello lovelies, resident-absentee-neighborhood-trash blogger here. While Tumblr has made a decision to ban all adult content from this platform, this blog was never marked as explicit and was thus not treated as such.

The odd thing is with R-18 otome is that the CDs themselves are not “age-restricted” (年齢制限) but are technically “recommended for 18+” (18以上推薦). While this is a grey area, I do believe that our beloved CDs are not fully considered adult content namely due to the nature of there not being any visual stimuli associated with them (just copious amounts of auditory stimuli, and perhaps the odd questionable jacket or two).

Basically, business will continue as usual. Especially when I manage to get through my giant backlog of posts I still have to make. ( • v • )

I don’t expect this to change, so 安心してくださいね!以上です。

❤️ Dauri

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