Survey Results

So… remember that one survey I conducted a while ago…? 👀Here are those results…

Well, R18 Otome Tumblr Fandom, are you do-Ms, do-Ses, or Switches?*: 

  • I’m a Do-S: 114 (28%) + 1 (Dauri)
  • I’m a Do-M: 131 (32.2%)
  • I’m a Switch: 162** (39.8%)

*For the purpose of simplification I’m conflating S with do-S and M with do-M but I’d argue there isn’t much of a difference between the two terms anyway.

**Tbh, not sure I should’ve included this option if I wanted a black and white view of who considers themselves a do-S/do-M… ( • v • );;

And there we have it! Confirmed/proof that the do-Ses are the vocal minority, because we really like our cute subby bois.  

Real talk though, in the past I was probably more of a switch. That was before R18 otome drama CDs happened.

Since I also asked for the rationale behind some of your opinions, here are several of my favorite responses:

Full disclaimer: I tried my hardest to be unbiased, but since I’m a shameless do-S I could empathize better with the do-S respondents. 🙈

**It is worth noting, however, that I’m not joking when I say the S’s are the vocal minority—do-S respondents gave rationale more often than the do-M respondents or the Switch respondents. (Approx. 70-30.)

Several do-M respondents had lovely responses too! It was super interesting to see the world from the other side of the cage. You do u, anon. ❤️No kinkshame here, just kinksame.

I like independent and strong in other aspects of my life – such as work and with friends. I need something different when it comes to bedtime trysts. Although I will say that as a M, I get pleasure from when my bed partner likes to be bossy in bed and use me for their own needs.

Uh…. I’d say I’m more of an M than an S but don’t like being-done/doing too extreme of either. Namidame is not for me but I’ve definitely enjoyed more cds where the guy is do-S. Where the seiyuu sounds very dom like he can’t help himself but not so much the yandere imma-lock-u-up-4eva ones. More rough cuz he can’t help it sorta thing than getting tied up and spanked. Now that I think about it, I don’t listen to any cds with do-m chars. So I guess I’m an M? 

I prefer submissive guys with high voices I rarely go for cds with dominate guys unless they’re a gentle top and not extremely sadistic.

I like hearing my partner when they’re being pleased(moans, begging, etc.), the look on their face when they want more, and of course, their sweet, sweet tears. 🙂

It really depends on my mood actually. There are days when you just wanna be dominated, and there are other days when you want to be the one dominating.

This is going to be embarrassing LOL. I really like the breathiness/neediness/softness of the voices in general. Don’t get me wrong sometimes low voices are really nice & make me shiver but. what can i say, I like making guys flustered instead lmao… Another thing is plot (which sounds weird bc plot? in MY drama cds?) but those types of cds allow the listener to have a more active role – I lost it when listening to namidame 4 bc the listener literally leads this oresama guy by the nose & that was exactly what i was here for

Mostly I’m submissive but not masochist. I like loving dominant type, being controlled but still secured. I can switch to (brutal) S if my love would like it.

Sometimes you just want to step on boys and also do-S characters annoy me because DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

There’s just something very *enjoyable* about a guy who’s begging and crying. (Also, I have a viscerally negative reaction to sadistic men treating women cruelly. Not sure why.)

Thanks namidame for literally turning me a do-S XD

Actually idek? ;o Maybe i’m just very egoistic and just like to receive rather than give lol

gogdam the s cds are nice

If the boy is cute, I WANT TO MAKE HIM FEEL GOOD AND MAKE HIM SQUIRM. But if I’m dealing with a man, then god how tf is small me going to take over that lmao

I don’t feel comfortable taking the lead in sexual matters, although personality-wise I am very dominant. (It’s exhausting to be assertive all the time.)

i prefer do-m guys and slightly do-s girls

There is really no justification for my reason to being an M. I guess I am already a sadistic and cynical person with my overall personality that when it comes to the bedroom (haha) it’s more exhilarating to be on the other side. Though that means that I can sometimes be a switch, but rarely.

While it does depend on the situation for me, I also believe I lean more towards do-S. I’m kinda mildly sadistic when it comes to drama cds. Most of the time I don’t like the really sadistic guys in drama cds(kinda a turn off). I like it when their desperate and needy and kinda begging or really vocal. I think I just learned alot about myself while typing this out actually.

while on one hand its nice to be teased and be on the receiving end, theres also smth really satisfying about doing the teasing and hearing them beg for more in response (ive been told im a power bottom, if that helps ( • v • );;; )

When I first started listening to drama CDs, I was definitely more of an M at the time. It took me quite a while to warm up to my S side because I got scared off by the crying and humiliation in Namidame vol. 1 when I was still rather fresh to the subject of power play. Luckily, now I find great joy in being an S in situations that call for it, and even consider myself more of an S than an M now. (One of my favorite do-M CDs now is actually Namidame vol. 5, how ironic.) What I like about being an S is definitely the vocalizations and speech of the submissive partner. (Hearing my partner whimper makes me smile.) Nowadays, some do-S characters actually annoy me because they’re so cocky and it gets on my nerves (lol). In truth, I’m glad I opened up to the S side and embraced being a switch; it’s great because I get more options to choose from and so I’m not limited in the content I’m presented with. Hopefully, I can stay with this balance of S and M for a long time.

Being a do-s let’s guy show their cute side more I think, but if a guy is really intense, it’s kinda hard not to let him take control…

I thought I was do-M but then Namidame happened and I can’t forget the sound of the whimpers and screams I heard that day 💓

Switching is more exciting?

I live an IRL where I have the agency of most situations and have full control over myself, so I guess I would be an S even here (lol) (Bonus track: A couple of seiyuu actually roasted me on air for requesting a do-M man LOL)

Personally, I used to be a big M and I didn’t even consider that I could have some S tendencies at all lmAO but…recent drama cds have totally revised my opinion on that *shakes fist at namidame* 

 Namidame changed my life. 

 I regret nothing.

I don’t mind ドS boys but them ドM moans 😢😢😍

i like being the dominant one but i also enjoy do-S guys more than i thought i would..

I consider myself an M because I identify with that more strongly than an S or somewhere in between. I’ve felt certain of my label because in most sexual situations, namely in the context of fantasy, I want to be the one dominated.

i like to make good boys cry (;

I prefer when MCs are dominating in cds since the guys make more sounds… but in real life i probably like being dominated… at least half the time.

I’m S U P E R vanilla though like 99%. 😉 So I guess in CDs, I lean slightly towards ones that are catered to M listeners.

I love do-M guys because they’re usually cute (cute guys all the way) and caring. I love kouhai and otouto types, sometimes they can be cheeky and teasing (which I also like) but at the end of the day, it’s the kind ones who strikes my heart XD

Because I feel like do-m’s are pretty selfish if that makes sense?I mean, if you really like your partner, you want to make them feel good too amirite? Wink* wink* and I don’t like attention so that may be another reason why I am more of a do-s. And also BOI MOANS!!!!

Sometimes it’s nice to hear the boy feeling good while he lavishes attention on his girl, especially if they have a nice voice to go along with it, but it rings hollow when the girl just takes it and does the bare minimum in every H scene. Tracks and CDs where she gets to turn the tables and bring him to orgasm are great, though I wish there was a lot less bondage and footplay.

I’ve been listening to drama CDs since 2012 when R18 was less common, so it’s definitely been interesting to witness how much the market has grown since then. I’ve listened to a wide range of R18 CDs over the years and found that I enjoyed situations where the listener was dominant much, much more. Like you said in your tags, the receiver is more likely to be the one vocalizing their pleasure in CDs and I prefer hearing that and imagining myself as the cause rather than imagining myself as the receiver. And I mean who doesn’t like hearing a begging do-M boy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

do-M boys sound so good ; w; but there are some do-S boys that can really rile you up D:

im generally one to follow orders so why not follow them in bed as well? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The sound of a boy getting fucked is amazing. As is a boy fucking me. It’s all good.

Uhh I’m pretty sure I’m a huge M but when there’s seiyuu like suzuki yuuto or fujiwara yuuki involved, my inner S just comes out automatically ahhh

Panicked moaning wew

//blushes// I like the idea of being dominated, and the drama CDs really help with those fantasies >~<

Other than being literally weak to pain I just really can’t relate to masochistic tendencies (e.g getting pleasure from pain, being tied up, etc). I like being in control I guess. Maybe because I’m just bossy in general lmao

I mean being taken care of is nice but somedays I just want to suck a 🍆 and hear my name being cried out yknow?

Depending on the situation. If I want the guy to be dominant, then I will let him. But of the dude is a smol boi, I will dominate him.

and finally


There were soooo many other good responses, but I’m not sure I wanted to make this A Tale of Two Kinks™, the novel, so I left it there. 

And in case you’re extra curious, here were the most common responses for favorite seiyuus, in order of frequency:

  1. Nakazawa Masatomo (92) 👑
  2. Furukawa Makoto (90)
  3. Satou Takuya (72)
  4. Suzuki Yuuto (66)
  5. Hirakawa Daisuke (45)

Finally, thank you all for participating in this survey! Whether you like subby bois or dom bois, know that I ❤️ u all the same. 

Especially if you’re a subby boi tho. 

– Dauri

PS: The survey is still live if you’d like to submit your response! I’m thinking my next survey will be straight up S vs M… 

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