So I’m Looking for a Yandere…

Anon: Hi, I was wondering if you know any yandere drama cds that are nsfw. (For some reason they tend to REALLY intrigue me.)

Well, anon—considering that there are a significant number of NSFW yandere otome CDs out there, you’re in luck, and it’s time for me to make another list! I knew someone would eventually ask for a list of NSFW yanderes… I don’t know how good of an idea it is to listen to all of these if you’re not inclined towards the darker end of romance, but for all my followers who are yandere-lovers out there, or are just intrigued by yandere R-18 otome drama CDs, this is for you. Enjoy? ( ´• v •` )

*Naturally, please be advised that the following CDs may not be for everyone. Subject matter and NSFW-ness can vary, but some stories are more unsettling than others.

**The last several CDs (those after Futari no himitsu 9) mentioned in this list aren’t explicitly declared to be yandere-themed CDs, but they certainly have a character that possesses typical yandere characteristics.

  • ヤンエロ~愛するが故に~ (Yan-ero〜Aisuru ga yueni〜), All 3 Volumes
  • 愛されすぎて××されちゃう (Aisaresugite xx sarechau) series, All volumes from Season 1 & Season 2, total of 6 volumes
  • 禁断の××愛 (Kindan no xx ai), Bad endings
  • 幼馴染の彼 黒ルート (Osananajimi no kare), Black route
  • 男ともだち~黒の束縛~ (Otoko tomodachi〜kuro no sokubaku〜)
  • 狂愛カタルシス (Kyouai Catharsis), All volumes, total of 4 (2 CDs are in the third installment of the series, so you have two options to pick from)
  • そこは狂った夢の淵 (Soko wa kurutta yume no fuchi)
  • その愛は病にいたる (Sono ai wa yamai ni itaru)
  • 兄と幼馴染 (Ani to osananajimi)
  • ふたりの秘密9〜病んでる彼〜 (Futari no Himitsu Vol. 9)
  • 大人のメルヘンシリーズ 灰かぶり姫 ~執着心の強い彼~ (Otona no Meruhen Vol. 3)
  • Dark Night Princess スノーホワイト, シンデレラ (DNP Vol. 1 and Vol.3)
  • 監禁男子 (Kankin Danshi), Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (Bad endings); the 番外編 (Bangai-hen/Side volume) puts you in the “yandere” role, to an extent
  • 愛玩人形あるいはアダムの肋骨 巻ノ三 (Aigan Ningyou Vol.3)
  • 本能の果実 Ver.4.0 同期仲間と友達以上恋人未満編 (Honnou no Kajitsu Vol.4)
  • SEXual Philia vol.3~晴~ (SEXual Philia vol.3 〜Hare〜)
  • 執着eye (Shuuchaku eye)
  • 愛執の檻 (Aishuu no ori)
  • 監禁婚 (Kankinkon, 2 volumes, ~凌辱の日々~ and ~絶望の日々~)

**This list will be updated if I remember any other volumes that apply to this category.

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